Tips For Kids Feeding

Tips For Kids Feeding

It is the child who decides to eat. He eats when he feels hungry and stops when he reaches parity. he cries when feeling hungry, and he does not drink milk when he is full. we can not force the children to eat if they do not feel hungry. It is, therefore, the child who determines how much food he or she is eating. But parents are worried when children do not take the food amounts that parents see fit, but if the child grows properly, there’s no need to worry. As we talked before we cannot force them to eat the quantities we want but we can encourage them and promote healthy habits.

As we talked before that the child decides the amount of food he is eating because his body tells him of his the amount of food that he need, however, the parents have a responsibility to provide an enjoyable environment during the meal time as well as they can encourage their children and motivate them to eat through several things, we will tell you some of them:


  • Food should not be used as a reward or punishment as it is nutrition. nutrition has its timing and its quantity.

  • Add fun to mealtime.

  • All food is useful, but there is food that we should eat less amount than the rest of the food.

  • You should not prevent your child from eating a particular food, because if he took some freedom, he will eat very large quantities of food that you prohibit or prevent him without your knowledge.

  • It is nice to take your child to shop to buy groceries and make him choose vegetables and fruit. make him share simple cooking recipes, this will encourage him to eat.

  • Promoting eating as a family at specific times, at the table. this enhances the importance of food time.

  • It is preferable to add grated vegetables to children’s favorite food recipes.

  • Playing can be used as a means of encouraging food, such as using vegetables and fruits to learn to count and ask him to eat while playing.

  • The preparation of children’s meals with the form of beautiful drawings as faces and others. This encourages the child to eat.

  • Children should be eating at least three meals a day with two snacks.

  • The food must be nutritious, containing vitamins and minerals more than energy or calories. In addition, a balance between nutritious foods and energy-rich foods.



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